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2020 Queen Contest Application (pdf)

Rules & Responsibilities

1. Each contestant must be at least 17 years of age as of June 1, 20 Each contestant cannot have reached their 21st birthday as of June 1, 2020.

2.The contestant must be unmarried and must never have been married.

3. Each contestant must be an Indiana Resident, a U.S. citizen, and represent her home county. One of her parents or legal guardians must also be an Indiana resident. The only exception: she may reside in an adjoining Indiana County if the majority of her activities are in the County in which she enters the contest.

4. Contestants cannot have had a child or be knowingly pregnant at the time of the county fair or the State Fair Queen Pageant. If Miss Johnson County Fair 2020 becomes pregnant anytime during her reign, she will be required to relinquish her title.

5. If during your reign, you have violated or broken laws such as: underage drinking, alcohol/drug use, etc., disciplinary actions will be taken, which may include the relinquishment of your titl

6. Eligibility is not limited to 4-H membership

7. Any contestant who has competed in a State Fair Queen Pageant cannot compete again.

8. Previous “Miss Johnson County” queens are not eligible to compete again.

9. The winner of the County contest will be crowned “Miss Johnson County” of 2020 and must be prepared to spend the remaining period of the Johnson County Fair, July 19-25, as hostess for the fair. Members of the Queen’s Court must also be prepared to serve as hostesses during the fair.

10. The contestants who are selected as Miss Johnson County and Court will be required to be in Crown and Sash attire at all official events and appearances. Crown and Sash attire includes: formal dress, sundresses, business professional, or business casual, unless otherwise approved by the Contest Director.

11. The winning contestant will be entered as “Miss Johnson County” in the Indiana State Fair Contest and will be required to stay in their assigned room/dorm at the Indiana State Fairgrounds through the pageant one weekend in January 20.

12. In the event the Queen or any member of the court have 4-H obligations during fair week, we will do our best to make accommodations so that your 4-H obligations can be met.

13. It is also expected that the reigning Queen and her court participate in other events and appearances, including but not limited to, the Greenwood Freedom Festival parade, Downtown Franklin Christmas Parade and Holiday Lighting, and pre-fair events held in June and July of the following year. There will be other opportunities during the year for volunteer or community service events. These events will not be mandatory but you are encouraged to attend if your schedules allow.

14. Per State Fair Queen Contest guidelines, tattoos are not prohibited. However, scoring   is up to the judges’ discretion. Tattoos may be covered if this is a concern to you. Please discuss this with the contest director if you have any questions.

The contestants will be judged on the basis of poise, personality, ability to converse, stage presence, overall impression, and posture.

Good Luck to all the 2020 participants!

2019 Fair Queen Lauren Hughes

2018 Fair Queen Hartlee Chadwell


2017 Fair Queen Caitlin Booe

queen 2017


2017 Fair Queen Court:
Reilly Beaman, Allyssa Giddens, Caitlin Booe, Bailey Wood, Megan Webb

queen contestants


2016 Fair Queen Katie Ott

2016 Fair Queen

2016 Fair Queen Court

2016 Queens Court



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