Style Show Entry Form 2019 (pdf)

Please contact the Johnson County Extension Office for any questions: 317-736-3724.



1. The contestant must have completed garments modeled after August 1 of the previous year for the county contest.
2. Contestants may enter in more than one class, but the garments must be different in each class.
3. Garments to be worn in the style show can also be exhibited in the Johnson County Open Class Scott Hall Fair in Department 600 — Sewing. See general rules in the Open Class Exhibit book beginning on page 10, and Sewing Department rules and categories beginning on page 21.
4. Concerning SEWING FOR OTHERS/CHILDREN’S GARMENTS/TEEN’S GARMENTS/ADULTS OVER 18 and WEDDING GOWN, BRIDESMAIDS OR FORMALS categories, seamstress must enter the non-professional or professional division in which she/he (seamstress) falls. The seamstress must be present for official judging and the public fashion show presentation. The award will be made to the seamstress.


This score sheet has been developed to help you understand the points one sees as you appear in public. First impressions can be your greatest asset.

I. THE CONTESTANT A. General Appearance B. Posture C. Poise D. Personality and Charm E. Grooming

II. THE COSTUME ON THE CONTESTANT A. Becomingness and wear ability of fashion selected; is it age appropriate? B. Fit (darts fall where necessary, correct shoulder width, ease of fit through hips, correct neck to waistline measurements). C. Style – Choice of pattern. D. Texture E. Color F. Fabric G. Creativity H. Effect of undergarments

III. THE CONSTRUCTED ARTICLES A. Fabric and Trimmings 1. Suited to design and purpose of garment. 2. Suitable combination of fabric and trim in texture, size, and color. B. Workmanship (quality of work as it contributes to the “professional look” as modeled). 1. General appearance. 2. Accurate cutting – hangs as intended for style. 3. Suitability of seams and finishes to style and fabric. 4. Quality of hand-sewing and machine stitching. 5. Pressing 6. Cleanliness. C. Related Values 1. Durability of materials and design. 2. Judgment showing in distributions of cost among articles. (Buttons, belts and trim).

IV. SELECTION AND STYLE OF ACCESSORIES A. Right for person and use of costume.

MONETARY AWARDS for County Style Show

This Johnson County Extension Homemakers will give the following Monetary Awards to style show participants. One blue, one red, and one honorable mention ribbon will be given for every 5 participants in a class. The Monetary Awards are as follows; Blue Ribbon (1st place) in class $ 5.00 Division Champion Non-Professional and Professional $10.00 Overall Reserve Grand Champion of Show $25.00 Overall Grand Champion of Show $50.00 Participants receiving blue placing will compete for Champion and Reserve Champion in their Division.


1. PLEASE NOTE: All garments judged at the private judging are expected to be modeled in the County Style Public Show and Awards Program on Tuesday evening, July 9, 2019, at 7 p.m. Location is The Historic Artcraft Theatre, 57 N. Main St. Franklin, IN.

2. DATE OF PRIVATE JUDGING: Monday, July 1, 2019

3. PRIVATE JUDGING LOCATION: Purdue Extension Johnson County Office 484 North Morton Street (Northeast Corner of Fairgrounds) Franklin, IN 46131

4. PRIVATE JUDGING SCHEDULE All participants in a Division will be judged at one time. Please note the time of YOUR Division below. Within the divisions, we move through the categories as presented on the registration form unless all registered participants are present. Should a participant arrive after their division has been judged, they will be judged but not considered for division Champion, Reserve Champion or Grand/Reserve Grand Champion placing. 6:00 – 6:15 p.m. – Professional Division 6:15 – 7:30 p.m. – Non Professional Division

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